Die harmonische Mischung. Kräftige Aromen von Erdbeeren und Himbeeren mit Noten von Litschi und Kaffee. Diese Bohne haben wir nur leicht geröstet, um die Säure mit den natürlichen fruchtigen und hellen Noten der Bohne in Einklang zu bringen.

Diese Sorte ist eine limitierte Edition!


This is a well rounded chocolate, which we lightly roasted to balance the acidity with the bean’s natural fruity and bright notes. Bright flavors with hints of strawberry, lychee and raspberry. 


Finca Chimelb is a stunning private farm which spans 4,500 hectares of Lanquín, Guatemala, making it the largest cacao farm in the region of Alta Verapaz. The farm also grows specialty coffee, rubber, eucalyptus, and pine.

Finca Chimelb employs approximately 400 workers across all crops on average, reaching more than 2,000 workers during peak harvest of coffee, and pays 40% above Guatemala’s minimum wage, as well as social security for all employees. The farm promotes environmentally friendly cultivation, planting cover crops like rubber trees to control soil erosion and analyze micro-organisms in the most fertile areas of the farm to reproduce and introduce them into less fertile areas. Finca Chimelb takes its social responsibility seriously in contributing to the Guatemalan cacao industry through a combination of trainings, employment, clonal development, and research into best practices for the local climate.


  • Fermented in wooden boxes and dried in the sun

  • Grown in biodiverse conditions: intercropped with plantain, rubber, cardamom and coffee

Finca Chimelb (Guatemala) 70%

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  • 70% Cacao Beans 30 % Certified Cane Sugar


    Hand crafted with our 10 step process in small batches in our own kitchen near Munich.

    NO GMO, No Soy, No Emulsifiers, No Palm oil, No Dairy
    Vegan by nature

    (May contain traces of gluten, and nuts)

    Weight: 45 grams