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Truly is made with single origin beans - beans from one particular place or farm or region. This is unique and different from that of bulk or commodity cacao as single origin allows you to quite literally taste the place. Much like wine, the soil profile, climate, fermentation and drying all play a role in giving each origin its distinctiveness. Terroir!

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from around the world

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maya mountain


70%die überraschend Vielseitige

Starke Fruchtnoten von grüner Traube, Ananas und Aprikose spielen mit leicht herben Kaffeearomen und der zarten Süße von Rosinen und Honig.

A versatile and well-loved chocolate, with strong fruity notes, a touch of apricot, coffee, honey, pineapple and raisin rounded off with delicate earthy notes.

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Die Kakaobohnen beziehen wir von „Maya Mountain Cacao“ aus Belize. Die Kooperative arbeitet mit über 400 kleinen Familienbetrieben im Bezirk Toledo zusammen, die meisten von ihnen Angehörige der indigenen Völler Q’eqchi und Mopan Maya.  Die Kooperative zentralisiert die Fermentation und den Export. Dieser neue Ansatz der zentralisierten Fermentation und Trocknung verbessert nicht nur die Qualität des Kakaos sondern versichert gleichzeitig einen fairen und stabilen Preis, was für den Landwirten mehr Stabilität und ein besseres Einkommen gewährleistet.   


Maya Mountain cacao beans come from a cacao initiative which sources from roughly 400 smallholder farming families throughout Southern Belize and centralizes the post-harvest processing, fermenting, and export. This new approach of centralized fermentation and drying is completely transparent, and improves the quality of the cacao while also ensuring a fair and stable price offering the farmers more stability and a better income.  



83% der zartschmelzende Klassiker

Dezent bitter mit seidigen Tanninen. Starke Kakaonoten mit reichhaltigen Noten von Karamell und Kaffee und eine leicht nussige Endnote.

A smooth dark chocolate with strong cocoa notes, rich caramel and coffee aromas and hints of nuts.  

tasting profile


despite being 83% dark chocolate, our low roast profiles and conching methods makes this an exceptionally smooth chocolate. Surprisingly light for 83% making it a versatile pairing partner, particularly with dark craft beers or mild local cheeses.

Dieser Kakao ist so hochwertig, dass die ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) das Herkunftsland Nicaragua als „fine cocoa origin“ anerkannte. Nicaragua ist damit eines von nur neun Ländern, das mit diesem Prädikat ausgezeichnet wurde.  

This cocoa is of such high quality that in September 2015, the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization) recognized Nicaragua as a fine cocoa origin. Nicaragua is now one of the only 9 countries recognized as 100% fine cocoa origin



sambirano valley


70% die fruchtig Delikate

Intensive Aromen von Beeren und Kirschen mischen sich mit feinen Jasmin- und Vanille-Tönen und einem Hauch von Zitrusblüte.


On the north-west coast of Madagascar lies the Sambirano Valley, with the sea to the west and volcanic hills to the east. The warm, humid micro-climate and rich volcanic soil makes it the ideal place for growing cacao. Consequently, the beans have an exceptional fruity profile, with berries and cherries, delicate tones of jasmine and vanilla, and hints of citrus bloom.

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The fruity notes in this dark chocolate pair exceptionally well with a Port Wine. Also enjoyable with fresh or dried fruits, particularly figs, cherries & certain soft cheeses.

Finca Chimelb



70% die harmonische Mischung

Kräftige Aromen von Erdbeeren und Himbeeren mit Noten von Litschi und Kaffee. Diese Bohne haben wir nur leicht geröstet, um die Säure mit den natürlichen fruchtigen und hellen Noten der Bohne in Einklang zu bringen. Diese Sorte ist eine limitierte Edition!   

This is a well-rounded chocolate, which we lightly roasted to balance the acidity with the beans’ natural fruity and bright notes which showcases hints of strawberry, lychee and raspberry. This is a limited edition bar!

tasting profile


the natural acidity of this chocolate pairs exceptionally well with a consciously sourced espresso


Finca Chimelb is a magnificent private farm spanning over 4,500 hectares in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz. Roughly 250 hectares of which are dedicated to cacao cultivation, making it the largest cacao farm in Alta Verapaz. Finca Chimelb employs approximately 400 workers across all crops on average, reaching more than 2,000 workers during peak harvest of coffee, and pays 40% above Guatemala’s minimum wage, as well as social security for all employees. The farm espouses environmentally friendly cultivation, planting cover crops like rubber trees to control soil erosion and analyzing micro-organisms in the most fertile areas of the farm to reproduce and introduce them into less fertile areas. Finca Chimelb has hosted multiple trainings for local smallholder farmers in collaboration with Cacao Verapaz, and takes its social responsibility seriously in contributing to the Guatemalan cacao industry through a combination of trainings, employment, clonal development, and research into best practices for the local climate.


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